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The History of Rederberg Estates

Louis Redelinghuys, looking for opportunities, relocated to the Limpopo province area in 1980.  At the time he was a young energetic man with great ambition and good intentions. He found a piece of land with plenty of water, a valuable resource in Africa, and one which was provided by the Hoedspruit/Blyderiver Waterscheme.


Louis negotiated a lease on the farm Moriah, where he resides to this day. He borrowed implements from neighbors, secured a loan from the corporation, and started planting vegetables.  Hard work and a few good seasons, enabled him to slowly expand.  He started buying land and developing mango and citrus orchards.


Who are we?

We are an innovative, ambitious, modern company, farming with mangoes & citrus.

Our People

Rederberg is a family as well as a business.  We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. When the company prospers it has a positive impact on the lives of our employees.      

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